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As an official pfSense partner we offer professional pfSense support services of the highest quality and guarantee.

Our technical staff has the official training and certifications of the manufacturer and a great experience in clients and projects of all kinds, which will undoubtedly help you with any problem.



We offer experience and assistance in the installation, configuration and customization of your pfSense systems.

  •          Monday to Friday during our office hours (9:00 - 18:30)
  •          Response time: 4 hours
  •          Extra charge after working hours: 50%
  •          Billing Interval: each incident counts as a Support Request Maximum incidence time: 60 minutes
  •          Valid: 12 months after purchase date


The pfsense support incident is resolved when the incident is resolved or the maximum duration of the incident is reached.

  •           Payment is in advance.
  •          Documentation not included.
  •          All services are performed remotely.
  •          When hiring this service, the buyer has to ensure that all the infrastructure requirements are met to enable the appropriate support service.


We support you with all aspects of pfSense, such as: 

  •          Firewall rules
  •          MultiWAN
  •          Load balancing
  •          DNS / DHCP Server
  •          NAT
  •          Transparent Caching Proxy
  •          Web Content Filter
  •          Traffic shaping
  •          IPV6, NAT, BGP
  •          Captive portal with MAC filtering, RADIUS support, etc.
  •          VPN: IPsec, OpenVPN
  •          IPS / IDS
  •          and many more

What is an "incident"?

An incident is a one-time support issue that can be resolved within a reasonable amount of time. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate issues. If a problem consists of subordinate issues, each of these issues will be considered a separate incident. An incident will relate to a specific feature, function, action or facet of the software, or to an aspect of its operation or performance. The definition of an incident can be expanded to include accompanying events or events that arise as a consequence or depend on it.


A non-exhaustive list of examples includes:

  •          Installation and configuration of supported packages
  •          Configuration of up to two VPN connections (client MUST have control of both ends)
  •          Review firewall logs to determine root cause of specific problems
  •          Advice on best practices in deployment, configuration and optimization
  •          Tips on performance improvements and firewall tuning


What does not count as an "incident":

  •          Hardware error not caused by the customer while the product is under warranty
  •          Pre-sale or product availability questions
  •          Issues that are ultimately determined to be a software bug
  •          Full pfSense configuration Hardware
  •          Not pfSense Compatible versions


We only officially support the current version and an older version (minor versions).


Duration of an incident and complex issues

A single incident cannot exceed one hour in time. If you have a complex issue, plan ahead or contact us to request a closed offer to resolve your issue.

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